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Slash Map is a quick fun, entertaining & educational game for iOS and Android

Slash Map is highly educational as well. Everyone can learn the real shape of the countires on the map while slashing. Too much fun.
Being fast is key to mastering Slash Map. Be fast and keep slashing to make sure you clear the level. It is a worthwhile experience.
With over 160 levels and new ones being added constantly, you will be completely entertained all through in Slash Map.

Slash Map is an addictive and informative slashing puzzle game with educational touch, where you can learn the real shapes of the Countries Maps and their flags. Use your finger as a sword to swipe and cut the moving green letters on the map, in order to write the name of the Country on the flagpole. Be careful not to cut the dangerous red letters otherwise the game is over. Let the fun begin and enjoy all the 160 levels and more to come.

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